1/18 Diecast Collection (Street Cars)

Diecast of Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot and other fine cars that you see on the street. When collecting the model cars, it's all about the quality and design (i.e. no Pontiac Azteks here). And as you will soon find out, I happen to believe that Europeans design the most beautiful cars. In terms of exterior design, I like Peugeot, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo and Audi. Also, I am not a very big fan of SUVs, so you wouldn't find any Hummers or Escalades in here. . .

1/18 Diecast Collection (Racing Cars)

Modified Racing cars, including ALMS, DTM and JGTC. Sorry, no Formula One cars nor Nascars. I like the racing cars that are keeping the original shape of street cars. I just think it's more realistic that way. (And yes, I do like the Fast and Furious style street racers too!) My favorites here are modified Audi A4s, and Mercedes.

1/43 Diecast Collection
Mostly Mercedes . . . and some other cars that I like... I started collecting them, because until very recently, they didn't make my favorite Mercedes ('80s S-Class, W126 Sedan, shown) in the 1/18 scale. It's surprising because when 1/18 and 1/43 models are compared, 1/43 models are as detailed as the 1/18 ones, just a lot smaller in scale. Minichamps 1/43 mostly. Good thing about this scale is that it won't take up much space. Also, there are a lot better selection of cars than 1/18 scale.

1/1 Car Collection

My cars . . . the real ones. . . First, I would like to thank my wife for letting me keep 2 cars. . . When I go out by myself, I would take my old Mercedes SLK230, but when we go out as a family, there's a R350 . . . One way or the other, there's always something wrong with one of the cars, and it needs to be serviced. . . So that's a good reason why we need 2 cars. . .

Cars18.com Diecast Blog

When I was designing the layout of Cars18.com website, I made one big mistake of NOT considering how I would inform the visitors of the updates, WHEN I make the updates. (And yup, that explains why I am not an IT guy. . .) So, in order to solve the problem, I've designed a new Blog section, where I can keep the visitors up to date. Please stop by when you have a second. Thank you.

Cars18.com Online Store

Although I don't buy diecast sorely for the investment, one day, maybe there will be a day when I will need to sell my diecast collection. This section is reserved for that day. . . but until that day comes, I have setup an Amazon Store where you can find some of the diecasts on the market today. . .

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