Renault Clio Sport V6
By Eagle, Universal Hobbies. It looks like just another cute little European hatchback, doesn't it ? Well, next time you see it, don't even try racing it: the whole back seat and the cargo area is gone, and there's a big V6 engine sitting right behind the front seat. No back seat, just the engine. 3 litre V6 engine on 1,000 kg weight, 6 speed transmissions. Any questions ?

Renault Twingo

By Anson. Currently Under Construction.

Renault Safrane

By Solido. Now, to those of you who are in the States, have you ever wondered why many of the French luxury sedans (XM, Safrane, VelSatis) have 5 doors, hatchback style ? Well, it's not that THEY like 5 doors, it's the Americans who love 4 door sedans ! Seriously, U.S. is probably the only country in this world, that has more Jetta (Bora) than Golf...

Renault Megane
By Burago. Currently Under Construction.

Renault Megane Convertible

By Solido. Currently Under Construction.

Coming Soon

Currently Under Construction.

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