Panoz Roadster

By AutoArt. A few months back, Car & Driver magazine did an article on the AutoArt, the manufacturer. According to that article, this particular diecast was one of the AutoArt's biggest failure. Apparently, nobody knew about the car, that its sales failed miserably. Now then, how good is the diecast? Trust me, it's VERY well made. You can probably pick one up at around $30 now, which makes it very good deal too!

Morgan Aero 8

By Maisto. Currently Under Construction

TVR Tuscan S

By Jadi / Revell. Tuscan is the car John Travolta and Hugh Jackman drove in the movie Swordfish. (Great movie, by the way. . .) Jadi may be a late comer to the diecast world, but they make good, affordable, high quality diecasts. Not to be confused with "Jada" Toys, which makes the DUB City diecasts.

Opel Speedster
By Maisto. Currently Under Construction

DeLorean DMC 12

By Sun Star. Currently Under Construction

Chery QQ

Chinese Dealership Exclusive. This car is probably one of the most controversial car ever produced in the history of mankind. Why so ? First, it was originally built by Korea's Daewoo as a car called Matiz, using Giugiaro design of Italy. Then, GM bought the Daewoo, and while this car was being built by Kerman of Iran (yes, Iran), Chinese manufacturer, Chery somewhat "got" this car and started building it as a QQ in China and Iran... and it's been sold as Chery Sweet in Russia. . .

Saleen S7
By MotorMax. Currently Under Construction

LTI TX1 London Taxi

By Sun Star. Yes, it's the world famous London Taxi, made by LTI Vehicles, the London Taxis International. Believe it or not, I have seen one of these here in the streets of Manhattan, New York, used just like another black chauffeur driven Lincoln Towncar. Very well made, unique diecast, this one . . .

Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

By Road Signature. Currently Under Construction

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