Nissan Teana

Chinese Dealership Exclusive. In general, I don't like Japanese cars that much, as many of them tend to lack cultures and personalities that European cars have. Having said that, if I were to choose ANY Japanese car for real life driving, Teana would be my pick. Beautiful, beautiful exterior lines, and extremely unique interior design. . . I have seen a Teana with beech colored wood panel on the dash. . . that looks like. . . ah. . . Sushi bar. . . but anyways, THAT character is what's missing from many of the Japanese cars. Sold as Nissan Maxima in Australia.

Nissan 350Z Nismo S-Tune

By Maisto. Currently Under Construction.

Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R / KPGC10

By Kyosho. Yup, this is "THE" very first Skyline GT-R. Also known as "Hakosuka" in Japan, where Hako means box, and Suka stands for Skyline. . . Nobody would dream of calling the current Skyline a "box", but hey, this is where the history of Nissan GT-R started !

Nissan Skyline GTR / R34
By AutoArt. Currently Under Construction.

Nissan 350Z

By Hot Wheels. Currently Under Construction.

Coming Soon

Currently Under Construction.

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