Audi A8 4.2 TDI

By Kyosho. If I had enough money to buy any "NEW" car today, I would probably get an A8L in silver. Many of German cars, especially the BMWs somewhat lost their direction in design recently (Hello Chris Bangle !) but Audis are approximately 8 light years ahead, in terms of maintaining its beautiful "traditional" design. But before anything, Audi should do something about its resale value...

Mercedes-Benz S320 / W140

By Norev. One of my favorite S-class of all times. Mercedes looked like. . . a real Mercedes back then, if you know what I mean. . . I just never liked those Mercedes with round or amoeba looking headlights that they made in the early '00s. . . And oh, by the way, if you are getting this diecast, please make sure that you are getting the S320 Mercedes Dealership model, and NOT the S600 "HQ" box model. I will tell you the reason why in the blog section. . .

Mercedes-Benz 500SEC

By AutoArt. This is a diecast of one of the most beautiful and beloved Mercedes, the W126. Quite frankly, I love the sedans better (i.e. SELs), but anyways this is very well crafted model. And oh. .. if anyone at AutoArt is reading this, can you please create the diecast for the sedans also ?
Mercedes-Benz 220D & 240D
220 D by AutoArt and 240 D by Revell. I like these good old Mercedes a lot. They are almost bulletproof and if you maintain it well, it will run forever. . . I remember the days back in Australia, when I used to see a bunch of these '70s and '80s Mercedes, all with 200,000 km+ on the odo. Now, the white AutoArt unit is relatively easy to get, but the green Revell one might be a little harder to find, especially if you are in the U.S.

Citroen 2CV

By Solido. The blue 2CV is standard Solido model, and the red 2CV is Coca-Cola promo exclusive. Some people call the 2CVs, "the Ugly Duckling"... but well ... they are not THAT ugly, are they ? In fact, I happen to think they are rather adorable !

Peugeot 205 GTI Tuning

By Solido. My favorite European pocket rocket from the '80s ! I really wish I can find more of these European Solido units here in the U.S. . . they now make a diecast of beautiful first generation Renault 5 in 1/18 also ! (For those collectors in Europe: please consider yourself to be so fortunate !)

Peugeot 307cc

By Solido. When my wife and I visited Cote d'Azur, France, Hertz of Avignon got us this same car for a week. (Thanks Hertz, you guys are always the best !) Aside from somewhat infamous "rubbery" shifter, it was a great car to drive around the coastal towns. I was surprised to find out that its trunk can actually take my big Samsonite AND retract the top in the trunk. That's something my SLK cannot do.
Volkswagen Phaeton
By Auto Art. Phaeton is an ambitious attempt by VW, to go after the high-end market, dominated by other German players such as Mercedes-Benz ... Too ambitious, maybe, that VW was unable to move them in the States, and they've withdrew Phaeton from the U.S. market. Now, about the diecast, this is one of my favorite AutoArt model. Please take a look at the pictures: they came up rather real, didn't they ?

BMW M3 GTR (E36) & M3 Sport Evo. (E30)

E36 by UT and E30 by AutoArt. Currently Under Construction.

BMW 3.0 CSi (E9)

By Minichamps. This particular diecast was made by Minichamps, but AutoArt makes them also (in navy blue and white, I think). I really think that BMW had a beautiful design back then. . . and now, yup, Chris Bangle came in and designed the 7 series (E65 / E66). . .

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