Citroen ZX Hatchback

Dongfeng Citroen Dealership Edition, Fukang 988. Exclusively imported from a distributor in China.

Citroen Pluriel

By Norev. A nice modern Citroen diecast by Norev. The roof can be adjusted to various settings, just like the real cars. Some media focused on this car, saying "Could this be a return of 2CV ?" but nah... I don't think so. Unique, playful diecast though.

Citroen DS19 Presidentielle

By Solido. One of the very first classic Citroen diecast. This model has a very soft suspension, just like the real Citroens. Speaking of the real car, I believe that DS are one of the most beautiful cars ever produced in the history of mankind. Solido offers this particular "Presidential" model in black, as well as white and silver "standard" ones.

Citroen DS23 Pallas
By Norev. A recent introduction by Norev, of very high quality. I would like to see more of these classic French car diecasts on the market. If you look carefully, this car is used as a Taxi, in the movie Back to The Future 2. That's quite impressive, if you consider the fact that DS23 was designed back in 1973.

Citroen DS19 Cabriolet

By Norev. Another well made diecast from the French manufacturer. Sunstar also makes a 1/18 diecast of this particular car, but I believe this one has better quality in terms of fit and finish. "DS", by the way, is also known as "Deesse" (Goddess) after punning initials in French. How appropriate !

Citroen 2CV (Beige)

By Solido. The 2CVs were the French equivalent of VW Beetle. Affordable, light and easy to maintain. It was designed to take a basket full of eggs over the country roads without breaking one. I guess there are very few 2CVs that were imported to the States: I do see one probably once every 2 years or so. Please don't ask me how Woody Harrelson got to drive this car in the movie, Indecent Proposal...

Citroen 2CV (Blue / Red)

By Solido. The blue 2CV is standard Solido model, and the red 2CV is Coca-Cola promo exclusive. Now, the 2CV models are also made by Maisto, but the shape of front grille is quite different, so please be careful.
Citroen XM
By Solido. A limited edition French dealership model, and it is becoming very hard to find. Speaking of the "real" car, this is what I would be driving if I were in Europe, or in Japan. Sure, the hydro-pneumatic suspension will break down every week, and LHM (yes, the "green fluid") starts leaking every other day... but so what ?

Citroen ZX Sedan

Dongfeng Citroen Dealership Edition, Fukang 988. Exclusively imported from a distributor in China.

Citroen SM

By Norev. A recent introduction by Norev. They used to import these SMs (the real ones) into U.S., and they can still be found on eBay. In fact, the car even won 1972 Motor Trend Car of the Year in the U.S. The name, SM stands for "Sport Maserati", as the engine was made by Maserati.

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